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What can a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant do for YOU?

While anyone can fill out Canadian immigration forms, not everyone is capable of detecting errors. As a result, a potential immigration candidate can lose a lot of money and time, or worse, they could lose their chance to permanent residence because of missed opportunities throughout their application process.

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant's (RCIC's), on the other hand, are legally required to take at least 16 credits worth of immigration law courses every year. As a result, they are trained on the latest immigration trends, policies and immigration categories that could benefit you. What may cost you a refusal to learn, may take them a single consultation to avoid. Whether they fully represent you or simply review an application you have drawn up yourself, an RCIC will be able to quickly evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case so that only the best application is laid forward. 

We take your immigration case seriously and make sure to REPRESENT YOU

R – Reviewing application in detail to save you from costly mistakes.

E – Evaluating your strengths and weaknesses so that only the best application is laid forward. 

P – Pointing you in the right direction and assessing your eligibility so that you don’t waste time.

R – Recommending the best options so that you may have a successful application. 

E – Empathizing with you because we understand what you may have given up to come here.

S – Strategizing the best path towards your chosen immigration category.

E – Extending the necessary documents so that you can legally remain in Canada. 

N – Noting the best National Occupational Classification (NOC) you fall under. 

T – Tirelessly assisting you to not only come to Canada but also succeed here. 


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Want to come to Canada? Do it right the first time, hire a Vancouver Regulated Canadian immigration Consultant. 

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Common Canadian Immigration Application Errors 

Some of the biggest mistakes made by Client's who previously handled their own Canadian immigration application

1. They applied under incorrect immigration category. 

2. They attempted to extend a permit that was not extendable. 

3. They lost chance to bridge work permit because they missed the AOR letter.  

4. They Did not provide correct items as requested on their immigration application form 

5. They mailed application to incorrect visa office.

6. They forgot to sign proper documents and note explanations when needed. 

7. They did not provide some of the requested IRCC documents. 

8. They forgot to pay application fee prior to submission or paid incorrect fee all together.

9. They did not apply to a post-graduate work permit approved study program. 

10.They did not enter their name as per passport. 

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