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"It takes a lot of effort, time, hard work and dedication to move to another country, but you did it, and your kind words throughout your pursuit mean the world to me."


Renata Kobek

Managing Director, RCIC




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We believe in a better future for immigrants. 

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"I'd just like to start by saying that I love Renata and have the deepest respect for what she does! She has stood by me for almost 5 years and pulled me through every inch and tight corner of this labyrinthine marathon, also known as a permanent residence application.

She never once allowed herself or me to give up. I could fill pages with all the systemic hurdles that she had to fight through, but I'd rather keep this positive and readable. Suffice to say that she has a heart of gold and is one of the mentally toughest people I've ever met in my life.

I first met Renata at a friend's party. We talked a bit about our lives and she struck me as someone remarkably calm for how busy she was. She occasionally had to retreat to a back room to take calls from people who I later learned were her clients. At the time I still had about 2 years left on my post graduation work permit and I remember thinking to myself that if I was going to hire someone, I would very much like them to be someone as dedicated as her. And so I told Renata of my plans to immigrate and a few coffee chats later, she agreed to take on my case.

​And then one day, after a long period of uncertainty and struggling, the Canadian government sent out a very time sensitive request for documents. Renata received the message on the same day she had a motor-vehicle accident. Instead of rushing to the hospital, she contacted me first, giving me very detailed instructions on what to do next, even following up with me to do some troubleshooting. I am quite convinced it is only a deep, unwavering type of love that can motivate a person to make a sacrifice like this, and so my heart goes out to her in warm gratitude.

Thank you Renata for fighting for my case in ways far beyond your official duty! You are the real deal and anyone represented by you should count themselves as very blessed and fortunate.

I am forever in your debt as without you I wouldn't be here today living the kind of life I've always dreamed of. If you told me I could live anywhere in the world, I would choose this beautiful, mystical place called BC. I have you to thank for making that ideal a reality!"


She didn't try to convince me that I needed a Rep; she simply listened to my case, told me I had a chance (even that I could do it on my own if I wanted to), and outlined the next steps in our potential collaboration.

​At the time we started preparing my application, Canada would change or modify its immigration laws every few months, which made everything very unpredictable and me very nervous. However, Renata very calmly and patiently dealt with my angst and moved the case forward while waiting for the best opportunity to apply.

When I lost my job two weeks before the application due date, she managed to find me a new one, at a much better school, within a week.

She then continued to fight for my case for another 2-3 years, and in many ways this second period was the hardest, as it was filled with inexplicable requests and unjustifiable errors from the government, all of which she had to stay on top of.

“I wanted to thank you again for all your help!
You are amazing and changed my life! ”


"Renata is the best immigration consultant in Vancouver! She is not only a hard-working, driven and dedicated worker but she loves this line of work. Her drive and passion for helping others is part of her character, which makes her even more efficient and reliable because she achieves successful results and never gives up.


Her clients are always satisfied and I would highly recommend her for anyone who is new to Canada and wants to stay. Renata can help you get the best results and a new chance at life!"


"Great passion and dedication towards goals and great positive energy. Has always shown great professionalism and I'm sure clients will be very satisfied."


"I want to take the time to especially thank the person who has made this experience the most special, wonderful and family-like: Renata who welcomed me as a sister, even though she didn't know me, she made me feel at home from the very first day. You're the best representative of Chile!!

I think I'm speaking for everybody who knows you! I just don't know how to give back all the "coolness" and generosity that I have received from you and your whole family. I am eternally grateful for everything and you know you have a second home in Chile!!"


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