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Hello there, 


Thank you in advance for considering a consultation. My name is Renata Kobek and I'm an immigrant just like you; who knows the meaning of hard work so I don't take your case unless I am sure you qualify and if you don't qualify, I will tell you how you could. 


Raised by parents who had high-level positions back home yet had to start from ZERO in Canada keeps me grounded and honest. By that I mean that Canada is GREAT but living here is HARD WORK and success doesn't happen overnight, 

I do not believe in wasting your time with study programs or categories that won't contribute to your future so when you book with me, you get feasible options that may lead to permanent residency. 

I operate beyond the 9-5 so that your case is treated with priority. If my office gets an update at 10 PM, you will get one at 10:05 and while I rely on amazing support staff for administrative duties, your representation is taken care of by Top Level RCIC's at all times. 


So let's get you on the right track, book with me now.


In order to maximize options and ensure all basis are covered, we offer 3 types of consultation in case you want to do things yourself. 



This consultation is best for someone who has almost everything figured out but has some very basic questions regarding their Canadian immigration matters like how they can get implied status. 


Best for someone who wants a detailed analysis of a refusal they may have received for a case they applied for themselves or wanting detailed advice on whether they qualify under a specific immigration category they have already selected. 


Best for someone who has already completed all Canadian immigration forms for an immigration category they have already considered and are wanting a review of all the forms they have completed along with an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of their case.


We don't take cases that we don't think will succeed, unless you are fully informed about your chances and still want to go ahead, we like APPROVALS and work hard to get them!

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We believe in a better future for immigrants. 

Don't just come to Canada, Build a life here!

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Due to high volume of clients, please note that all consultations are by appointment only. However, we do everything we can to accomodate you as quickly as possible. 

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