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Originally from a small town in Santiago, Chile, Director Renata Kobek is a passionate Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant who loves assisting others in obtaining their Canadian permanent residency.


With a solid background in Canadian immigration law, business management, and development reinforced with extensive experience in the South American, Asian and European markets, she has considerable expertise in all immigration categories and possesses a great understanding of both temporary and permanent residence categories. 


She has proven ability to develop large scale overseas projects, while quickly and effectively solving immigration related challenges. Her dedication and love for business got her featured in the New Westminster Profiles of Business prior to moving offices to downtown, Vancouver.


While she always states that there are many reasons she chose Canadian immigration law, one of the main reasons is that she dislikes fraud and does not tolerate those who take advantage of the most vulnerable. She still remembers her own experience when along with her family she was denied entry to the United States because her father had received poor advice by a misinformed entity who advised to get a transit visa instead of a regular one.  Seeing her family (which she had not seen in years) waiting at the other side with open arms but unable to hug each other really resonated with Mrs. Kobek and among many other reasons honed her yearning to become the Immigration Consultant she is today.  


On top of immigration law, business consulting, and several other philanthropic projects, Mrs. Kobek maintains the free Viaja a Canadá blog where she dedicates several volunteer hours to answer free questions about settlement to Canada. She is passionate about human rights and loves it when a deserving newcomer obtains their permanent residence.  She celebrates her client’s success and believes that so long as you work hard, anything is probable. She is fluent in English, Spanish and can read French. She maintains an open door policy with her workers and loves their dedication to working with new immigrants. While she handles all immigration related matters, her specialty is business, sponsorship class, NAFTA and all other non-LMIA work permits, Refusals, and study permits. When not working, she can be found hiking any mountain Canada has to offer.

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