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Kobek Immigrations Covid-19 Announcement

Dear Everyone,


COVID-19 ("Coronavirus”) has certainly put a halt on things but that just means we have even more time to plan the perfect journey so that you may not only come to Canada but also succeed here.


At Kobek Immigrations, we don't focus on the past but instead

build towards the future, because it does not matter where you start but instead it is all about where you finish.


Our family and friends are strong and just as importantly,

so are YOU, YOU are STRONG.  It isn't easy to start a new life from scratch and face uncertainty but I have seen my client's do this time and time again. Leaving everything behind just so that they can have a chance at a better future, for them, or for their families and that my friends takes a lot of courage. As a result, while we follow the lead of Health Canada ensuring that our staff and client's health is top priority, we are  most definitely here for you.


At this time, the healthcare and safety of our staff and clients is most important. Once Covid-19 is over, we will resume service from our conveniently located office in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. However, as a company who has offered virtual setup from inception; reverting to a solely virtual model is just fine.


I have always believed that technology is the future and I am just as committed to ensure that only the best case is submitted on your behalf because while Covid-19 may have delayed things, immigration, at least for now, is here to stay. 


Thank you kindly for stopping by and stay safe,




"I'd just like to start by saying that I love Renata and have the deepest respect for what she does!  She has stood by me for almost 5 years...


"Renata is the best immigration consultant in Vancouver! She is not only a hard-working, driven and dedicated worker but she loves this line of work...


"I want to take the time to especially thank the person who has made this experience the most special...



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